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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are all Bottleless Water Coolers the same?

Most Bottleless Water Coolers (and Bottled Water Coolers) contain an internal reservoir of drinking water that was filtered days or even weeks ago.  That means the chlorine in the tap water (which is there to prevent bacterial growth) has been removed and the entire reservoir contains unchlorinated water sitting stagnant at room temperature.  That's right, you're drinking water that's been sitting stagnant for weeks or even months.

Worse yet, these reservoir tanks are never really emptied - as you dispense water from these Bottleless Water Coolers, new filtered water enters the holding tank and mixes with the old stagnant water from yesterday or last week.  Would you drinking water from a pitcher that was poured 2 weeks ago?   If your Bottleless Water Cooler isn't an ION, then every day you're drinking stale, old water. Yuck!

With the ION, every glass is Freshly Filtered and Instantly Chilled.  Click on the DEMO to learn more.

2. How do I know if the filter needs to be changed?

If you have an ION, the PureAlert™ Filter Timer automatically indicates when the filter needs changing after 1,500 gallons or 1 year, whichever comes first. You'll see that 2 LED's below the Touch Panel are solid RED.  After changing the filter, be sure to press the Filter Reset button located just above the filter. Hold this button until you hear a long beep.

IMPORTANT - Even if the LED's are Green and you change the filter every year, be sure to press the Filter Reset button until you hear the beep. This audible beep confirms that the PureAlert™ Filter Timer has been reset back to zero.

3. How much space is required for the ION and Base Cabinet?

Dimensions for the ION and SlimLine cabinet are shown in the Roughing In Guide.

4. I don’t remember who sold or rented us the cooler. How do I get service?

Natural Choice has factory authorized dealers located in most parts of the USA, Canada, and certain international markets. Call us at 1-800-547-7726 and we can help locate a dealer or service resource near you.

5. Is the ION a Bottleless Water Cooler?

Technically yes, since the ION connects to a tap water supply and provides filtered drinking water.  However, there are many reasons why we call the ION a Drinking Water appliance (and not a bottleless office water cooler)

1. Easy ION installation is ensured using custom onboard software and microchips. Out of the box, the ION sets up in just minutes, while your typical bottleless water cooler can take hours to attach filters and tubing.  Learn more.

2. Digital controls and temperature sensors monitor the ION continuously, to provide the best temperature control and lowest energy cost of any bottleless water cooler.

3. Changing the CarbonPlus Filter is a breeze - done in just seconds without any toolls and without even turning off the water supply.  Learn more.

4. Sparkling Water option - only the ION provides a patented carbonation system to take your freshly filtered, instantly chilled water and turn it into the champagne of drinking water.  Enjoy the bubbly effervescence and 100% natural alternative to soft drinks and juices containing corn syrup.  Only with ION!

5. The ION won the Small Appliance Design Silver Award in 2007  from Appliance Magazine.  If Appliance Magazine says it's an appliance, then it's good enough for us smile

Why rent/buy an offshore bottleless water cooler when you can enjoy the superior drinking water quality and performance with an ION, engineered and built in the USA.



6. My water cooler isn’t working. How can I get help?

If you are leasing or renting the ION Botleless Water Cooler from an authorized Natural Choice dealer, contact that dealer and they will help you. When the ION is being rented or leased, repairs are commonly included at no charge.  If you are unsure of your dealer, just call us at 815-874-4444.   Another option is to review basic service procedures at IONWaterCooler on YouTube.

7. The water from the ION isn’t cold.

Every ION Filtered Water Cooler is equipped with the energy-saving SleepMode™ feature, which automatically turns off the refrigeration system when the room is dark (e.g. on evenings and weekends). Make sure the room where the ION is located is well lit. If not, you may need to program the SleepMode™ feature OFF.  This is easily done by referring to the Owners Manual or contacting Technical Support.   You can also view the video instructions here.


Another popular option is to visit the IONWaterCooler channel on YouTube.

8. The water from the ION isn’t hot?

This can be caused by the SleepMode™ feature which turns down the temperature of the hot water to 135ºF when the room is dark (e.g. on evenings and weekends).  If the ION is located in a room where the lights are turned ON and OFF throughout the day, you'll need to program the SleepMode™ feature OFF.   Refer to the Owners Manual or contact Technical Support. Another popular option is to visit the IONWaterCooler channel on YouTube.

9. The water isn’t dispensing. How do we fix this problem?

If you press on the Touch Panel and don't hear any "clicking" noise (which indicates the valves are opening and allowing water to pass through the ION), then the Touch Panel may require replacement.  When cleaning the ION, be careful to keep water away from the Touch Panel area and also avoid detergents - clean the ION with mild soap and a damp towel. Moisture can damage the Touch Panel and require more frequent replacement.

10. There was a power outage and now the ION isn’t working. What do I do?

If the ION has 2 blinking Orange lights and does not dispense water, try pressing the following sequence of buttons on the Touch Panel:

First: Press the cold water button on the Touch Panel.

Second: Press the far left button on the Touch Panel (either ION logo or Hot Safety button depending on your model).

Third: Press the hot water button (for models with Hot Water).

Fourth: Press the far left button one more time.

11. What is a Bottleless Water Cooler?

A Bottleless Water Cooler is any water cooler that connects directly to your tap water supply and eliminates the old-fashioned water bottle.  Also known as POU Cooler or Point-of-Use Water Cooler, these products were first developed in the late 1980's and have been in widespread use for more than 20 years.  Most facilities managers prefer Bottleless Water Coolers because they are more convenient than Bottled Water Coolers and do not require the delivery, storage, and handling issues associated with Bottled Water.  Other common terms used are Office Water Cooler, Plumbed-in Water Cooler, or Mains-fed Water Cooler (the latter typically used in the UK and Europe).

12. Where are Bottleless Water Coolers manufactured?

Natural Choice Corporation is the leading manufacturer of Bottleless Water Coolers in the USA.  However, most Bottleless Water Coolers are manufactured in China, Korea, Taiwan, and Indonesia. One or two companies are still manufacturing in Canada.  Offshore Bottleless Water Coolers may be a health concern if the materials are not certified for contact with drinking water.   With recent contamination issues from China - such as Melamine in milk which caused worldwide product recalls - buyers should be cautious when renting or purchasing Bottleless Water Coolers made offshore.  Would you trust your facility's drinking water to an anonymous factory 8,000 miled away?  Get the best filtered water cooler on the market - Get the ION today!

13. Which cups fit the cup dispenser?

The SlimLine™ Cabinet is designed to hold a variety of 7 oz cups. These cup styles and manufacturers are listed in the SlimLine Brochure.

14. Why are the LED lights blinking? What do they mean?

The LED lights can indicate a problem with the ION. Review these LED combinations and their meaning.

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