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Choose from five ION bottleless water dispensers for your ideal drinking water solution. All models include InstaChill™ for high-capacity, ultra-cold water — even in hot environments. View ION product brochure >

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Why ION? Clean. Simple. Smart.

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See the ultimate drinking water appliance.

Every sip is as fresh as the last.

The ION water cooler’s bottleless design and commercial-grade carbon filtration system ensure every glass of water is the freshest possible.

Cold? Hot? Sparkling? ION’s got it.

With five ION models to choose from, you can customize your ION water cooler with the fastest flowing cold, hot or sparkling water options you need.

Being green has never been easier.

The ION ditches plastic bottles in favor of a bottleless, Energy Star-rated design that uses up to 80% less energy than other office water coolers.

It’s built in the USA…and it shows.

The ION bottleless water dispenser is made in the USA with materials tested and approved by the WQA to ensure the highest-quality drinking water.

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