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The environmental impact of bottled water is staggering. From wasting petroleum resources and polluting the air to draining our aquifers and filling the landfills, the production and transportation of bottled water hurts the planet.

The Facts:

Petroleum Resources
  • 28 billion PET water bottles are used in US every year
  • 17 million barrels of oil are used every year to produce PET water bottles.
  • That's enough oil to drive 700,000 cars each year!
Greenhouse gases & Air Pollution
  • Thousands of trucks are used every day to transport bottled water.
  • 2 billion bottles are imported to the USA every year.
  • 2.5 million tons of CO2 emissions are produced every year in the production of PET water bottles.
Aquifers & Ground Water
  • Bottling water removes large quantities from aquifers without replenishment.
  • Aquifers require thousands of years to develop.
  • Thousands of US wells are at record low levels.
Litter & Landfills
  • 2 million tons of PET bottles are added every year.
  • Only 13% of all PET bottles are recycled.
  • 60 million PET bottles are thrown in landfills every day.


Since 1990, Natural Choice has been developing smart, sophisticated products that are environmentally responsible. Natural Choice is bottle-free and always freshly filtered.


What could be simpler than replacing 8,000 plastic bottles with a single Natural Choice filter? You're not only saving the landfulls; with Natural Choice you're saving a lot of money.

No more trips to the supermarket or dropping coins in a vending machine. No more deliveries or tie-ups at the loading dock or freight elevator. No security clearances for delivery personnel.


From replacing bottled water to conserving energy with product features such as SleepMode™, Natural Choice's green initiatives have always enhanced our products, without sacrificing quality.

Smart products, smart designs, smart decision! Welcome to Natural Choice.

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